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ProBASE GRID Shed Base *£4.49 Special Offer*

ProBASE Shed Base Foundation *£4.59 Special Offer*

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ProBASE Shed Base Foundation *£4.59 Special Offer* ProBASE Shed Base Foundation *£4.59 Special Offer* ProBASE Shed Base Foundation *£4.59 Special Offer* ProBASE Shed Base Foundation *£4.59 Special Offer*

Product Code [PB40/130+]

Our Price: £4.49 RRP: £6.99

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5 Stars Read all customer reviews


ProBASE GRIDS Shed Base Foundation Kit *SPECIAL OFFER*

PROBASE GRIDS: ULTRA STRONG plastic shed base grid foundation is the only grid system on the market designed to carry a vertical load such as a garden building without the need to fill the grids with gravel. ProBase grids are independently tested when empty at over 200 tonnes of vertical load per square metre, making it easy for the DIY novice to achieve a professional quality shed base for your garden building. ProBASE GRID shed base are the strongest plastic grid base system made in the UK, and carry a manufacturers 25-year guarantee.

BEWARE OF OTHER GRID SYSTEMS: All other grids on the market are gravel retention systems, not shed bases (despite being advertised as such). At first glance, they appear to be the same, however they act in a completely different way. Gravel retention systems are not strong, instead they need to be filled with gravel to give it strength, and it is this gravel that gives them strength. Cheaper gravel retention grids are designed to sit on top of 6" of a compacted type-1 hardcore sub-base, because they don’t have any load spreading feet. In comparison, ProBASE has proper load-spreading feet, and is designed to sit down straight onto your compacted ground without purchasing additional materials. 

WHY IS PROBASE SO MUCH BETTER?: ProBASE connects laterally with secure locking pins at two points along each side making the joint strong and durable. ProBase grids measure 500mm x 500mm at room temperature (unlike other manufacturers grids which tend to measure 495mm x 495mm) and ProBASE grids don’t contract by 3% in cold weather like many other grids. ProBase has UV filters included in the high quality plastic to prevent the plastic from becoming brittle when exposed to sunshine. ProBase is manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001, and the plastic is a certified high quality blend, sourced from a reputable supplier with strict control over the ingredients and regularly tested for its quality. ProBase is strong, needing no additional gravel or hardcore, and it is supplied with a top-quality, non-woven, commercially graded geo-textile membrane, and is UV-resistant and rot-resistant. ProBASE are completely reusable, maintenance-free, very light, easy to handle, and cost a fraction of the price of a traditional concrete base. To create your perfect shed base, simply join as many ProBASE grid tiles together as required to make a base foundation of ANY SIZE. If required, ProBASE tiles can be easily cut to any shape using a normal hand saw.

We recommend that ProBASE grids are fitted as a full base, however you can remove some tiles for a cost saving if preferred (Option-2). For more information on designing your base, please click on the link to the right to download the ProBASE PDF guide. ProBASE prices include delivery and vat, and are currently on offer at the following discounted quantity rate structure:
  • 1-7 Grids £6.99 £5.89 each
  • 8-11 Grids £6.99 £5.69 each
  • 12-18 Grids £6.99 £5.39 each
  • 19-40 Grids £6.99 £5.19 each
  • 41-80 Grids £6.99 £4.99 each
  • 81-129 Grids £6.99 £4.79 each
  • 130+ Grids £6.99  £4.49 each


  • Unique foot system spreads weight evenly without sinking
  • Ultra-Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • High grade recycled plastic construction
  • Suitable for any size of shed (see exceptions below)
  • Can easily be cut to size or shape if required
  • Much, much cheaper than concrete
  • Also ideal for use as drainage or as a walkway in your greenhouse

Quality Construction

Each UK manufactured ProBASE grid is VERY, VERY STRONG in fact it is 50% THICKER** and TWICE AS STRONG as most competitors and therefore needs no filling out with gravel or soil for small or standard sheds. They are made from the highest quality, UV stabilized, 100% recycled plastic, and each grid measures approximately 500mm x 500mm x 40mm weighing just 1.25kg each, however thanks to it's patented design it has a huge crush rating which can withstand 87 tonnes per grid (or 350 TONNES M²) when filled with pea shingle... so just to put that into perspective... each grid is strong enough to take the weight of 16x AFRICAN BULL ELEPHANTS standing on top of each other... in other words they will easily take the weight of ANY GARDEN BUILDING

*Average Cell Wall Thickness Comparison - ProBase40 (4.85mm) Vs EcoBase45 (3.2mm)​. Probase is 50% thicker (Tested 01/05/2015)


Why Choose ProBASE?

The answer is simple... STRENGTH. However if you are considering going for another brand, you should also ask your supplier the following questions:
  • Where are the grids actually manufactured?
  • Where is the plastic material sourced and is it certified?
  • How are the grids tested, with gravel in them or empty?
  • Can you see a copy of their test certificate?
  • Does the plastic have any UV filters in it?
  • What are the contraction percentages?
ProBASE will save you money over 'cheaper' brands, because you don't need to purchase any fillers, gravel or hardcore. The plastic used on each ProBASE grid is thicker and more rigid than any other plastic grid on the market today, and the Secure-Lock joining system is more robust. Some manufacturers have similar sized shed base grids (500mm x 500mm), but their cell walls tend to be taller and much thinner, allowing the base to twist. The cell walls on the ProBASE are 50% thicker than the next best product, thus providing a stronger. more rigid tile. Other manufacturers produce a much smaller 330mm tile (i.e. 9 tiles per sq.metre) which flexes at each joint. ProBASE are much larger (only 4 tiles per sq. metre), therefore the integrity of the overall base is much higher. Also, larger grids can be fitted in less than half the time... which is a real bonus! ProBASE grids are made from the highest quality, 100% recycled, 100% recyclable plastic, and are are designed to last a lifetime, and can be lifted and reused as often as required. You can download the Log Cabin ProBase Installation PDF here


No Maintenance

Each ProBASE grid (including the locking pins) is made from 100% recycled plastic, and requires NO MAINTENANCE or preservative. These tiles are are designed to last a lifetime, and have a 25-year manufacturers warranty!


Straight-forward Assembly

The ProBASE is very easy to assemble. Simply prepare a level area (the ProBASE system can be laid directly onto grass, soil, builders sand or pea gravel), then lay out your membrane, cut to size if necessary, lay the ProBASE tiles on top of the membrane then lock together using supplied pegs. A sub-base guide is available to download.


Various Layout Options

We recommend that the ProBASE grids are joined together to make a complete base. This is the strongest and easiest way to create your shed base. If you are trying to keep costs down as low as possible, then you can leave some spaces underneath your floor. It takes more planning as you have to ensure that your bearers are still being supported, however it can save you a fair amount of money, especially if it's a large base. We call this set-up Option-2. You can download our base design ideas here.


No Professional Assembly

The ProBASE has been designed to allow the novice to create a high quality, strong, long-lasting shed base without the need for a expensive professional service. 



ProBASE is great for traditional wooden sheds, summerhouses, cabins or any building which has an integral floor, but because of its open cell construction, it isn't really suitable as a base for metal sheds or greenhouses (or any other building without a floor). It can be used as a walkway or as secondary flooring INSIDE these buildings, however it will not be supporting the walls. Please give us a call prior to ordering if you are unsure.


Optional Extras

Use pea shingle on visible areas of the Ecobase onlyThere are no optional extras are available for the ProBASE, however it does come with a ground membrane which will be cut to match the size of your building (please state size when ordering). ProBASE tiles are very strong, and for small or medium bases, therefore don't need to be filled with gravel. However you may want to fill any visible external areas with pea shingle to make it look nice, and reduce the amount of water splash back from the roof. Normally it takes 10kg of pea gravel to fill a tile, and you should be able to purchase this from your local building supply company.



Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions, or if you require exact sizes.

Model Material External Size (mm)  Weight Capacity Crushability**
ProBASE Ref. No. Grid Recyclable Colour Width Length Height (each) (gravel) (per m²)
Probase40 PB40 Plastic 100% Black 500 500 40 1.25kg 10kg 350 tonnes

**Crushabilty rating is measured when grids are filled with pea shingle. 

All items are delivered sectional/flat-packed to kerbside unless stated otherwise. Information shown above has been supplied by the manufacturer, and is as accurate as possible (errors and omissions excepted), however they are intended only as a guide. ***The free delivery service (8 units +) covers most of mainland England, Wales and Southern Scotland (mainland only). A £9.99 delivery surcharge applies to orders of less than 8 units. Orders received before 11am will be processed for delivery on an overnight courier service, however this cannot be guaranteed especially during peak season. Times shown are typical for most areas, however this is approximate and cannot be guaranteed. Outlying areas may be subject to additional charges, please check before ordering. Delivery lead time shown is typical for most areas, however this is approximate and cannot be guaranteed, so please check before ordering if delivery time is critical.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you order the correct quantity for your requirements, as we are unable to accept the return of any surplus-to-requirement grids. If required, we can arrange for the return of your full order (within 14 days), however as the ProBase and the bespoke cut-to-size membrane is delivered direct from the manufacturer, you should be aware that there would be a collection/delivery/re-stocking charge which will be deducted from your refund. Small top-up quantities will be subject to a delivery surcharge.

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Customer Reviews
Write an online review and share your thoughts with other shoppers!

Reviewer: Graham from Cardiff   5 Stars

Ordered late afternoon Tuesday - delivered 0915 Wednesday . Fantastic service . Thank you

Reviewer: Mr a Baines from Pontifract   5 Stars

The service is second to none ordered Wednesday received Thursday very good will use again

Reviewer: Jean Rose from Bristol   5 Stars

Arrived promptly and when they said it would. Got to work at 1.30pm, finished by 2.15pm! Base was already prepared but even so. Very impressed. Very easy. Recommended.

Reviewer: Stephen Bingham from Peterborough   5 Stars

Thank you

A absolute fantastic product will recommend to others easy to construct and lightweight to handle better than slabs and more hardy I should think. Satisfied customer


Mr S Bingham

Reviewer: Frederick Craft from Smallford, Herts   5 Stars

Requested delivery within 24 hours and they did. ProBase and service was first class. Will use them again with confidence.

Many thanks to A1 sheds.

Reviewer: William Dunn from Blackburn, Bathgate   5 Stars

The ProBASE was easy to lay and the instructions very good. Compared to

having a concrete slab laid it was as good, but at a fraction of the cost.

The key is is in the preparation and having a level surface to lay the grid.

Once again, many thanks.

Reviewer: Richard from Dorking, Surrey   5 Stars

Very impressed with the Probase product and especially impressed with the speedy delivery. Ordered Probase on a Tuesday am and on arriving home on the Wednesday pm product was on the front door. Very easy to assemble and laid in rough position in less than 30 minutes.

Reviewer: B. Holmes from York   5 Stars

I initially tried to purchase the original 6/12pin ecobase system, but it has now been discontinued and is unavailable. I must say that I am glad that I went for this new probase with 2/4 pins as I fould it easier and faster to fit. I would recommend it.

Reviewer: Peter Hough from South Molton   5 Stars

PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT. In fact I would award 6 stars if I could. They were delivered AND installed within 24 hours of ordering. The tiles are more than strong enough for my shed, yet were light and easy to handle. I cannot find fault with either the product or the service, I just wish that this would happen more often when purchasing online. Thank you, I will purchase from you again.

Reviewer: Trevor Hall from Dundee   4 Stars

Good product which was easy to fit and my shed is sitting nicely now but I wanted delivery next day and they took 2 days to come so I have only given 4 stars. I would buy again.

Reviewer: Carters Paving & Hard Landscaping from East Linton   5 Stars

used the old ecobases before but they always seemed to be from different batches as some were green and others were black. the sizes werent regular either so they soemtimes wanted to twist. the new probases arent as heavy but they made a much better job on the ground. the plastic is better and they were all the same size and colour. the lock pegs are better so they were quicker and easier to lay and do a good job. customer was delighted.. Calum

Reviewer: James Baron from Sunderland   5 Stars

Fast and easy. Good item.

Reviewer: P Duncan from Jersey   5 Stars

I needed a light shed base that I could send to the Channel Isles, and I had intended to go for Ecobase tiles as I had used them before, but your customer service team suggested the Probase units as they were even lighter. I must say that I cannot fault them, they are better made than the Ecobase tiles (which I was happy with before), and the locking pins are better. Thank you. Peter Duncan

Reviewer: G. Simpson from Stirling   5 Stars

I had no problem installing the Probase tiles. The product is well made, and I would definitely buy them again. Service was fast. No complaints.

IMPORTANT: Imperial sizes shown in the description are approximate, and are provided by the manufacturer purely as a guide. Please refer to the metric dimensions for more accurate sizes, or contact us prior to purchase if you have any specific requirements.