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Product Code [TGBGARA1410PT]

Our Price: £2,819.70 RRP: £3,149.00

Glass Windows
Side Entrance Door
Delivery Options
FREE Assembly

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TANALISED® Heavy Duty (Storm-Braced) Apex Garage

TANALISED® Apex Garage is a heavy duty, storm-braced, pressure-treated, high quality, robust, long-lasting, wooden, apex-roofed garage, made with low maintenance in mind. This pressure-treated Heavy Duty Apex Garage is a traditionally built British building, featuring a several fixed and opening windows, heavy-duty galvanised hook and band hinges, heavy duty roofing felt, and lots of framing for strength. The Tanalised® Heavy Duty Apex Garage is available in 14 sizes - 14x10 up to 30x12, all with the same level of features at an unbeatable price. The pressure-treated boards ensure that you will have peace-of-mind, knowing that your building will last for many years, without having to apply a preservative*. 


  • FREE delivery*
  • Professionally ASSEMBLED IN YOUR GARDEN*
  • NEXT GENERATION TANALISED® preservative treatment
  • Tanalith® E Preservative applied manually on joinery windows**
  • Several fixed and opening windows included (quantity varies with size)
  • Heavy duty hook & band galvanised hinges (seriously strong)
  • Single side door at no additional charge
  • Strong internal (storm-braced) framing
  • Heavy duty, 19mm nominal (15mm finish) tongue & groove shiplap cladding
  • High quality, slow growing Scandinavian timber
  • 14x sizes from 14x10 up to 30x12
  • Bespoke options also available
  • No floor supplied

Quality Construction

This garden building is manufactured using high quality, slow-growing, sustainable Scandinavian Pine from well managed FSC or PEFC CERTIFIED forests. All Tanalised® models are constructed using thick 19mm nominal (approx. 15mm finished) tongue and groove shiplap timber walls, along with tongue and groove roofs and floors (where applicable). Please note that NO chipboard, OSB, or inferior sawn timber is used in the construction of ANY of these buildings. Pressure-treated models are supplied pre-treated with an Eco-Friendly Tanalith® E preservative which has a manufacturers 15-year anti-rot warranty. Strong, smoothed, rounded and planed framing has been used internally, which is doubled at the corners for extra strength. Heavy duty 38/40kg mineral roofing felt is supplied to help keep the roof watertight for many years.


15-Year Pressure-Treated Preservative

These NEXT GENERATION TANALISED® garages are supplied pre-treated with a quality Tanalith® E pressure-treated timber which has a 15-year anti-rot warranty. **All framing and wall, roof & floor boards (where applicable) are Tanalised® under pressure, however to avoid shrinkage and excessive warping, pre-manufactured joinery doors and window frames are treated manually (not under pressure). Please Note: Due to the nature of the pressure-treating process, Tanalised® buildings will require occasional treatment with a water repellent (such Protek Stable Coat) to avoid water penetration through the timber. We recommend that this is done as soon as possible following installation (once the boards are fully dry), and recommend that windows are sealed with a silicone sealant to maintain the validity of the guarantee. 



Doors, Locking System & Windows

Heavy duty double doors, 2135mm wide, fully-framed and braced, are fitted as standard, along with an additional side door (762mm wide). Both are supplied complete with heavy-duty, hook & band galvanised hinges, and internal locks as standard. This building features joinery made windows featuring a combination of fixed and opening panes. The single door can be positioned anywhere around the building, however this must be decided at the time of order. Please choose from the door positions shown below... alternatively you can have it without a single door if you prefer.

Please Note: The side door will have it's hinges fitted on the right side of the door unless stated otherwise.


What is Tanalised® Timber

Here is a short video showing how timber is pressure-treated to create long-lasting Tanalised® Timber.


Professional Assembly Included

We will deliver and assemble your Tanalised® Heavy Duty Garage at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE although some geographical limitations apply* (see below). Our PROFESSIONAL ASSEMBLY SERVICE covers approx. 90% of the UK mainland population, and requires non-restrictive access and a suitable base/site.

PLEASE NOTE: We don't include a fixing-down service as part of the assembly, however we do recommend purchasing concrete anchor bolts in order that you can do this yourself, as any unsecured structure can be moved (and possibly damaged) by severe winds.

Optional Extras

This garage is supplied as a full kit, complete with all necessary fixings, fastenings, glazing and roofing materials. Optional extras include professional assembly, framing and wall thickness upgrades, toughened glass etc. The building can also be made to a bespoke size or configuration... please call for details.



Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions, or if you require exact sizes. Roof overhangs will extend beyond the Body Size shown below (all dimensions are finished sizes).
Model Framing Body Size (mm) Height (mm) Double Door (mm) Single Door (mm)
Tanalised® Heavy Duty Apex Garage (mm) Length Width Eaves Ridge Height Width Height Width
14x10 TGBGARA1410PT 44x44 4267 3048 1895 2595 1880 2135 1775 762
16x10 TGBGARA1610PT 44x44 4877 3048 1895 2595 1880 2135 1775 762
18x10 TGBGARA1810PT 44x44 5486 3048 1895 2595 1880 2135 1775 762
20x10 TGBGARA2010PT 44x44 6096 3048 1895 2595 1880 2135 1775 762
22x10 TGBGARA2210PT 44x44 6706 3048 1895 2595 1880 2135 1775 762
24x10 TGBGARA2410PT 44x44 7315 3048 1895 2595 1880 2135 1775 762
30x10 TGBGARA3010PT 44x44 9144 3658 1895 2595 1880 2135 1775 762
14x12 TGBGARA1412PT 44x44 4267 3658 1895 2690 1880 2135 1775 762
16x12 TGBGARA1612PT 44x44 4877 3658 1895 2690 1880 2135 1775 762
18x12 TGBGARA1812PT 44x44 5486 3658 1895 2690 1880 2135 1775 762
20x12 TGBGARA2012PT 44x44 6096 3658 1895 2690 1880 2135 1775 762
22x12 TGBGARA2212PT 44x44 6706 3658 1895 2690 1880 2135 1775 762
24x12 TGBGARA2412PT 44x44 7315 3658 1895 2690 1880 2135 1775 762
30x12 TGBGARA3012PT 44x44 9144 3658 1895 2690 1880 2135 1775 762

Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions. Sizes shown above are finished sizes (not nominal), however you should note that the roof will extend beyond the Body Size shown above. Information shown above has been supplied by the manufacturer, and is as accurate as possible (errors and omissions excepted), however it is intended only as a guide. This high quality building has an expected lifespan well in excess of 15-years. We recommend that you install the building on a solid, free-draining base, with at least 60cm free space all around for maintenance and to avoid splashback. You should treat all sections with a high quality, spirit-based preservative prior to assembly, and subsequently every year in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Please ensure that regular general maintenance is carried out on all moving parts, and that the roofing felt is regularly inspected, and replaced if required.


All products are delivered sectional/flat-packed to kerbside unless stated otherwise. *The free installation service covers most of mainland Scotland and England, however delivery to outlying areas may be subject to an additional charge, see map below. 

Delivery lead time shown is typical for most areas, however this is approximate and cannot be guaranteed. Assembly will add an average of 1-2 weeks to your lead time, therefore please check before ordering if delivery time is critical. Buildings supplied with a non-standard option or bespoke sizes cannot be returned under any circumstances, therefore please ensure that you order correctly. We're here for advice if you're not sure!

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IMPORTANT: Imperial sizes shown in the description are approximate, and are provided by the manufacturer purely as a guide. Please refer to the metric dimensions for more accurate sizes, or contact us prior to purchase if you have any specific requirements.